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We build your dream.

We understand that when constructing a home there is a strong element of emotional investment. Even though finances are a critical part, owners’ have a very strong sense of the way that it feels to be in the space. It is less of an academic exercise for residential. There are elements of spiritual and artistic. How does this space feel when you are in it?

Like a structure, there is a framework, and there is a standard framework (variations for wood, steel, etc.). Structure is integrity, value, foundation. But for residential projects, the nuances, the stuff that goes over that framework is different. There are nuances of personal taste, and emotional investment that you do not see in commercial projects. You have to be able to bring in an element of empathy. That must come into the conversation.

When a client writes a cheque for work done, that is hard earned savings, savings that they may have spent a lifetime working for. There can be lots of anxiety. Will they lose savings or get what they dreamed? Will this contractor take what they imagined and turn it into their dream, something they have planned, imagined, and reimagined for years, and worked hard for? It is not just a financial consideration. They are having their dream being built before their eyes, which means that their heart can sink if we encounter a problem. The money is not the question at that point.

How do we solve this, so their dream is fulfilled? Is their dream crushed if something goes wrong? No, we are achieving the dream, we still maintain their budget, so it still fits with their idea, though we may need to look at slight changes.

What can we do to keep your dream? We have a fluid design-build experience. There are variables imposed on us, such as the building shape, and the roof. Let’s put in what we must, then be flexible with what we can, so our client can revise the dream to fit with the reality. It gives them some control over the situation. For example, we don’t always frame in the windows early. For one project, we cut grooves into plywood, so our clients could practice using it as a door, to see if they liked it. They were excited and brought in friends and family to test it out.