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Lean Management

Lean Management is a buzzword that came out of the Japanese car manufacturing industry. It means that every process can be continuously improved upon, no matter how small. Even walking from one spot to another, each step can be improved. Any waste of time, money, or effort is eliminated by identifying each step in the process and cutting or revising those steps that do not create value. When you add up all those improvements, it increases the value of our work, as we are continuously increasing in efficiency and quality.

No matter how small, each step has some sort of productive value, and when you add up those little savings over the course of a project, they all add up to something that is a recognizable amount and increases the value.

We are not afraid to be innovative. Just because something has been done for decades, does not mean that it cannot be improved. Our core intent is to squeeze more value out of your budget. How do we take the dollar that you are paying us and get as much value as possible? We practice effective Lean Management which eliminates excesses and waste for the benefit of you, our client.

We will be as involved as you want us to be. You can hand over plans and go away for 6 months or come out every day and build a little bit. We will sit in the passenger seat and you can steer the boat, so we are there to guide you. It can be your experience as much as you want. We are not there to prove to be the smartest in the room and do the job disregarding your input, rather we are here to guide and step in if there is an issue. We are here to act on your behalf, take your input, to help you make educated decisions.